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A free tutoring service for disadvantaged students, tutored by students working for community service hours

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A free tutoring service for disadvantaged students

Tutored by students working for community service hours

No Hidden Fees

Our service is completely free through the generosity of students. Students who want to help society and help students learn. There are no fees, credit cards or anything, just sign-up and teach/learn.

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The tutoring is done through live chat and a live whiteboard. The two together make the tutoring as seamless as possible. It makes it seem like the tutoring is being done in person and allows for high quality teaching and learning.

Hands On Experience

You could do this from the comfort of your home and provide tutoring to students who cannot afford it. This is great way to not only help someone out, but reinforce what you have learned, one of the best ways to study for a test it to teach someone what you have learned.

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TutorMeFree was developed to provide high quality tutoring service for students who cannot afford tutoring. My junior year of high school has been filled with studying for tests like the ACT, SAT and AP exams. Sometimes what I learned in the classroom was not enough, and would go to tutors for help. The cost of this extra education started to add up quickly.

I decided I wanted a way around this cost, and started developing TutorMeFree. It allows for completely free tutoring from students who are earning community service from the comfort of their home. I hope that TutorMeFree will provide great free education.

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